The flute class can accept a maximum of 11 students. Depending on the number of applications, there may be a waiting list. By 31st May at the latest, those on the waiting list will receive a definite decision. Each day, the class begins with a joint lesson on various topics.

In addition to the individual lessons and class lessons, we will also focus on other topics. which will be announced later.

As possible focal points are:

- Classical improvisation
- Beatbox flute
- Experiencing flute playing with the body
- Inspirational Learning Methods in Jazz

Besides flute class, students have the option to register for second study such as chamber music or jazz improvisation. Those students who are also accepted for a second study will be sent a message informing them of this (myCSI, e-mail).

Because of the many activities in the flute class, it will only be possible to participate in one chamber music group.

Students will be able to practice on a daily basis and will also work with staff pianists. Students will have the possibility to perform at the sectional closing concert. They might be offered further performing possibilities based on their teacher’s recommendation. Last, but not least, several concerts, lectures, and social programs will be offered to participants for free.

What to expect at CSI as a student?

STUDLER, Christian (SUI)

Piano accompanying:
 TERME, Rita (HUN)