Chamber Music

Chamber Music

Applicants will be assigned into groups based on their level of skills. Repertoire will be decided by the artistic leadership and students will be informed on that via myCSI. Students have to print the scores and practise their part prior to CSI.

Chamber ensembles that learn their piece and work effectively with their chamber music teacher will be offered performing possibilities within Crescendo Festival.

At CSI 2020 pieces of Slavic's Composers and Ludwig van Beethoven will play an important role at the chamber music course. 


DELA FONTE, Mateus (BRA)DOMINKÓ, István (HUN)FÜZESSÉRY, Attila (HUN)GIER, Delta David (USA)GOUMAZ, Jean-Jacques (SUI)Kubík, Petr (CZE)ROSE, Ellen (USA)SERFEZI, Corneliu Dinu (ROU)ŠINDELÁR, Ondřej (CZE)SZABÓ, Ferenc János (HUN)

Youth chamber music: