Visitor fees 2019

Visitors are asked to fill out an application form via the myCSI online application system. Application becomes valid after it has been submitted on the Summary page.


There is no registration fee for visitors.


For accompanying parents there is no participation fee.


Parent attendants will be offered to share the dorm room with their child, provided they submit their application latest by 30 June. In all other cases please book individually.

Housing: 10€/night

All meals are served in the canteen of the dormitory, which is situated just opposite the Main Building. There will be buffet breakfast in the morning, 2-3 dishes at lunch and at dinner, accompanied by a wide range of salads.
Please note that your first meal available will be dinner on the day of your arrival, and your last meal available will be breakfast on the day of your departure. Wearing your nametag is a must for being served at the canteen.

For visitors food is optional. Please note: you may order food only for the whole period of your stay.

Food: 10€/day

For more details on housing and food, click here.


  • All fees are gross amounts.
  • Application can be submitted via the myCSI application system. Application becomes valid by pressing the Submit button.
  • You may pay either in one lump sum or in installments.
  • If you need an invoice you can either mark your need on myCSI or on the spot latest at check-in. Invoice will be handed over to you upon checking out from Crescendo Summer Institute. Should you need the invoice before that date, please contact us.


In case participation is cancelled within one week before arrival, housing and food costs are non-refundable.


You may pay via Paypal:
Send your payment directly to:
Or use your personalized link located on the Finances page of your myCSI profile.
   Please don’t forget to write your name in the ‘ notes’ field.

You may pay via bank transfer:   
    Name of account holder:   Enek a Nemzetekert
    Our bank:                          Erste Bank Hungary
    SWIFT:                               GIBAHUHB
    IBAN:                                HU06 1160 0006 0000 0000 8352 1283
​    Please don’t forget to write your name in the ‘transaction detail’ field.