Youth Section | Course description

Youth Section | Course description

Crescendo Summer Institute (CSI) Youth section is intended for students between 12 -16 years. Exceptionally talented children under 12 years may also be accepted on an individual basis. Students under 14 years must be accompanied by a parent (or relative) at all of the programs, and share the dorm room with the child. Accompanying parents should apply as visitors. Parents may visit concerts and other festival programs for free.

Students will be taught by the excellent members of the CSI Faculty. Apart fom their solo lessons students will play in chamber ensembles and the youth orchestra. Chamber music ensembles are usually composed of students from different countries to emphasize the importance of cultural versatility. Musical studies will be supplemented with sports, excursions, handicraft and choral singing. Youth students will be invited to a special small group designated for the Youth Section.

Due to their age Youth students must agree to participate in all planned programs and to being under adult supervision. In the evenings youth students have to return to the dormitory by the agreed time. Both students and parents have to sign the Parental responsibility contract. Adult supervision will be provided in the dormitory.


Sample schedule (For information only. Final schedule is subject to change.)