Classical improvisation workshop

Classical improvisation workshop

Improvisation used to be part of classical music concerts, and instrumentalists and singers could improvise in performances even until the early 1900s. In fact, many of our beloved composers could not have imagined their works performed without improvisation and the personal, creative contributions of the performer. In these courses, musicians are invited to experience how improvising can be re-integrated to the study and performance of classical music.


Open Workshop

Open to all instruments and voice, this workshop invites musicians to explore some elements and techniques that can be used to improvise in classical styles and structures. Improvisation is approached through historical concert culture and a creative, playful spirit of music making. Participants are given tools to start practicing improvising both alone and with partners. No prior improvising experience is required.


Intensive Course (max. 12 students)

Open to students with prior experience with improvising, this course takes participants deeper into the building blocks of improvising within and around the Western classical canon. Students will have both private and ensemble sessions, and the class will work intensely together towards a final concert. Students are invited to prepare repertoire that is particularly inspiring to them, and all participants will work on both repertoire-related improvisatory elements (such as decorating repeats, fermatas, interludes) and independent-of-repertoire free forms (such as Minuets, Fantasies, Rondos). Participants should have previous experience from chamber music and/or orchestral playing and sufficient understanding of basic music theory and harmony concepts.