CSI Ambassador Program

Join our Ambassador team and receive a tuition discount!

We are working hard to reach out to students from all over the world, but we know that a personal invitation is the most effective way. We kindly invite you to join our CSI Ambassador Team!

Who can become a CSI Ambassador?

Anyone, who is ready to spread the word about CSI.

What shall I do to become a CSI Ambassador?

- Share our Facebook posts and follow us on Instagram.
- Comment on our Facebook posts, or even post something about CSI on your own - photos, videos, your experiences to show why it's worth the application.
- Publish fresh news about Crescendo Summer Institute on your blog or homepage.
- Hang CSI posters at your institution.
- Forward our e-poster to your school’s mailing list.
- Make a presentation about CSI at your school.
- And most important, tell your fellow-musicians about CSI personally.
- Just be creative, think out of the box!

How can I receive a tuition discount?

If you have already been at CSI and you have enjoyed it, invite new students! You'll get 10 per cent refund of your tuition fee for each new student at CSI. A new participant is someone who has never been to CSI before. Refund will be given during CSI.

Is it possible to control this?

Easily! Remind the new-comers to enter the Ambassador's name in myCSI.

How can you support me?

We support you with all necessary materials: posters, flyers, image film, e-poster.

If you want to join the Ambassador Team, write us an email.

Send us an email to ambassador@crescendohungary.org with the following information:
      - the name of your school or organization
      - the number of posters and flyers do you need
      - your mailing address where we can send the materials. (Your personal data will be handled as detailed in our Privacy Policy.)

Click on the photo to view, print or download our flyer

CSI 2024 flyer