Uploading demos

Why do I have to upload demos? (students only)

Demos are necessary for our teachers to be able to decide about your acceptance. Your skills and performance are also a basis for deciding on scholarship (if requested).

What kind of demos should I upload? (students only)

3 demos are obligatory in order to be able to submit the application form. Please note that the demos don't have to be professional recordings, you can make the recording with your mobile phone. Please upload audio files only. If you would like us to see your video file, paste the url of it instead of uploading it.

How do I upload files? (students and volunteers only)

It is very simple. You can upload the files on the FILES page of your myCSI account. You can either upload an audio file or paste a link (url) of an online video file (e.g. Youtube).

I need help uploading the files. (students only)

  • Make sure that the files are not bigger that 30MB each.
  • Make sure they are audio, and not video files.
  • mp3 format might be easier to upload. In case you have some other format, you may want to convert your file to mp3 first (there are free online sites for converting, e.g. zamzar).
  • If you would like to send us a video file, you can upload the file to youtube. You can either set the file to "public", or "not listed". If you set it to "not listed", it will not appear on youtube, people cannot search for it, only those can see/listen to it, to whom you send the link. In this case you don't have to upload the file itself, only paste the link (url) on the FILES page.

I need further help uploading the files.

Please contact us via your myCSI Message Board.