myCSI Instruction Manual

 _myCSI is not only an application form - it is your personal account where  all relevant information about CSI will be collected for you, and also a Message Board to enable direct communication with the organisers and your teachers.

- We will start uploading all relevant info on the FILES page when student application ends.
- Students will upload sheet music for the collaborative pianists,
- We will upload program booklet, schedule, etc.

Each time you receive a file, you will get a message on myCSI.
Each time there is a change on your myCSI account, you'll get an email at midnight.
Please check your spam regularly.

 _How to use myCSI

First use, registration

First you will have to register in myCSI. Then you will get an email containing your email address and password. After having checked your login data, you will be able to enter your personalized myCSI accountYour password ensures that your data and message board can only be seen by you and CSI staff and teachers.

PLEASE NOTE: When applying for CSI for the first time you will have to register, however in the following years you will not have to register again. Your registration will be saved with your personal details and you will only have to complete details regarding your current application.

Application form

You will have the opportunity to interrupt your application process and continue with it later without losing your data.

You will be able to access your application form by clicking on My Account on the left. Pages containing the details of your application will be displayed on top of the screen. By clicking on one of the tabs, its details will appear on the lower part of the screen.

On SUMMARY page you will see your role (student/visitor/volunteer/teacher). You can carry on filling out the form after choosing this.

You can send us a message via the MESSAGE BOARD. This is where you will also be able to get information regarding the application process and see if you have anything to do.
Messages are colour coded:
          Automatic (system-generated) messages are printed in grey.
          Messages related to your activity are highlighted in blue.
          Your communication with the Crescendo Office is printed in black.

Personal page contains your login data, personal data, and invoice details.

Housing, food page contains details about your arrival and departure, plus information about housing and food.

Course page.

Studies page.

Additional page.

FINANCES page will be displayed after having submitted your application.

FILES page - this is where you can upload all the necessary files to your application, e.g. photo, cv, demos, your teacher's recommendation, scholarship feedback, piano scores, etc. Files uploaded by CSI office will also appear here, such as scores, information regarding CSI, program booklet, etc.

Obligatory fields

Obligatory fields are marked by *. Text printed in red indicates missing data.

Submitting your application

Once you have filled out all required fields the Submit application button appears on the Summary page.

After having pressed the submit button a new FINANCES page is added where you can see your financial obligations and information.

Just log in any time to see the most important info on the SUMMARY page and the MESSAGE BOARD.

__FAQ about the use of myCSI_         _

Should you have any further questions we'll be happy to answer you. You can contact us via your Message board.