Song for the Nations

Song for the Nations Cultural Foundation has played an increasingly significant role in the cultural life of Hungary since its foundation in 1995.
It has been organizing artist gatherings, exhibitions, festivals, and the Crescendo Summer Institute since 2004.

Our philosophy

We believe in strengthening the key "influencers" who shape and mould society. The artist is an
important influencer, especially in Central and Eastern European culture. Stregthening and encouraging
artists takes place best through interaction, working together, and establishing an atmosphere where there is
creativity and exploration. We desire to see artists connect to the Creator, whose expression takes place through
the embodiment of Jesus Christ. We encourage artists to be regular in prayer, grounded in Christian faith,
and committed members of a local church.

Our aim is to discover talented young artists and strengthen them in their art and faith thus creating
a positive impact in post-communist countries.


Timothy Bentch (USA), tenor


Eszter Füzesséryné Dudás (HUN), viola

Board members

Beat Rink (SUI), founder and director of Crescendo International
János Kübler (HUN), pastor
Gyula Háló (HUN), pastor

Supervisory Board

Zsolt Körmendy (HUN), conductor
Eszter Draskóczy (HUN), violin
dr. Zsolt Fabinyi (HUN), attorney

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Erste Bank HU06 1160 0006 0000 0000 8352 1283

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