TARJÁNYI, Krisztina Irma (HUN)

TARJÁNYI, Krisztina Irma (HUN)


CSI courses:

“I was born in Miercurea-Ciuc, Transylvania. I figure skated as a child, whereas my teachers were arguing whether I should become a doctor or an actress. I became a physiotherapist and actress. I spent some time in America (Masterworks Festival) where my faith and idea of art became reconcilable in my heart.

I am living with my husband in Germany and Hungary.

Furthermore, I worked as editor and presenter of several radio programs on the Transylvanian Maria Radio.

Since 2012 I am teaching acting for opera singers  in the Crescendo Summer Institute.

I am grateful to God to have the opportunity to witness the growth of a marvellous Transylvanian movement, a movie-mission, which is built around the life of the great bishop of Transylvania: Áron Márton.

Last year I had the premiere of my show entitled „The Mighty One has done grate things to me” and planning to travel around with it to speak about the truth and the incredible beauty of the approaching God.

I am grateful, because I have parents, brothers and grandparents, friends, and I know wonderful things about the previous generations of my family.”

You can communicate with Ms. Tarjányi in English, German, Romanian, Hungarian.