Collaborative Pianist

Rita Váray started her piano studies at the age of 5 with Marianna Spiegel in Győr at the Liszt Music School. From 2000 she continued at the Bartók Conservatoire in Budapest, her piano teachers were Gábor Eckhardt, Judit Kékesi and Gábor Csalog. She studied at the Liszt Academy of Music from 2004 with András Kemenes and Rita Wagner and 2006/2007 year she spent at the class of Imre Rohmann in Salzburg. With Erasmus grant she studied further at Karlsruhe with Michael Uhde and Markus Stange. She graduated from the Liszt University of Music with distinction in 2010.

Rita Váray received prices from a number of notable competitions: special price at Nyiregyháza National Piano Competition (1995), 5th price at Košice (Kassa) International Piano Competition (1995), 3rd price and the Margit Varró Foundation special price at Nyiregyháza National Piano Competition (1998), 2nd price at Liszt Piano Competition of Győr (2000), Kadosa price at Békés-Tarhos National Piano Competition and special price at Béla Bartók International Competition (2010).

She participated in master classes with László Gyimesi, Ferenc Rados, Imre Rohmann, John Perry, Paul Badura-Skoda and Malcolm Bilson.

She appeared a soloist with the Győr Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ádám Medveczky and gave solo concerts in Győr, Budapest, Pécs and Vienna and received and invitation to Finland.  With the Rondo Quartet she gave the first performance of János Vajda’s piano quintet and also the first performance of the piano quintet by Károly Aggházy, a piece which was recently revived after 100 years.