Crescendo Bus 2019

Booking:   preliminary booking is necessary for either directions (on myCSI application form, via the message board or in email)

One-way ticket price:   20 EUR per person

Booking deadline: June 30 (If you have marked Crescendo bus on your myCSI application form, it is considered a valid booking.)
Payment deadline: June 30

via bank transfer: Name of account holder: Song for the Nations, Our bank: Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (MKB)
                               SWIFT code: MKKB HU HB, IBAN code: HU 50 1030 0002 2014 6812 0000 3285
                               notes: your name + Crescendo bus
via PayPal: send money to, notes: your name + Crescendo bus

Please note: If payment is not made by the deadline, your booking is not valid and it will be deleted from your myCSI application form.
You can only travel with valid booking and payment made by deadline. Thank you for your understanding. 


Arrival to Sostenuto Pre-conference:

Monday, July 22
12:00  Budapest Keleti Railway Station  >>  13:00  Budapest Airport  >>  16:30 (estimated)  Tokaj, CSI Main Building

Arrival on 1st day of CSI: 

Wednesday, July 24
12:00  Budapest Keleti Railway Station  >>  13:00  Budapest Airport  >>  16:30 (estimated)  Tokaj, CSI Main Building

Where to board the Crescendo Bus? Keleti Railway Station meeting pointBudapest Airport meeting point

Departure on last day of CSI: 

Monday, August 5   5 a.m.
05:00  Tokaj, CSI Main Building  >>  08:30 (estimated)  Budapest Airport  >>  09:30 (estimated)  Budapest Keleti Railway Station

Monday, August 5   8 a.m.
08:00  Tokaj, CSI Main Building  >>  11:30 (estimated)  Budapest Airport  >>  12:30 (estimated)  Budapest Keleti Railway Station