What to bring?

□ passport / identity card (see visa requirements info on the webpage)
□ EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and/or medical insurance for tourists
□ personal medicines
□ instrument, accessories (strings, extra bow, reeds, etc.)
□ scores, piano accompaniment scores, chamber music scores...
□ clothes for concerts (black dress, skirt, trousers, black or white shirt )   
□ music stand if available
□ neat, casual, hot-weather attire
□ comfortable shoes
□ towels
□ toiletries
□ hangers
□ alarm clock
□ pencil
□ water bottle, drink container


□ fan (pls note that there is no air-conditioning in the dorm rooms)
□ earplugs (available in the Front Office shop as well)
□ shower shoes
□ sunscreen
□ mosquito spray
□ umbrella