Join our Ambassador team and get tuition discount!

We are working hard to reach out to students from all over the world, but we know that a personal invitation is the most effective way. We kindly invite you to join our Crescendo Ambassador team!

Who can become a Crescendo Ambassador?

We are looking for Ambassadors from all over the world. We especially address this invitation to students who want to take part at Crescendo Summer Institute, because participating in this program will reduce tuition expenses.

What shall I do to become Ambassador and get tuition discount?

We ask you to take four simple steps:
     - hang posters at your institution,
     - hand out flyers in your institution,
     - forward our e-poster to your school’s mailing list,
     - give us feedback on how you managed to do the above steps.

How can I get more participants and get up to a 100% tuition discount?

Challenge yourself, and get new* participants for Crescendo Summer Institute! You'll get 10 per cent refund** of your tuition fee for each new student you invite.

Here are some ideas on how to be successful:

     - set up a presentation about Crescendo Summer Institute at your school
     - invite students (especially first-year students) from your school
     - distribute flyers at a concert
     - suggest our Facebook page to your friends
     - share our Facebook status updates about Crescendo Summer Institute on your wall
     - link our website to yours
     - publish fresh news about Crescendo Summer Institute on your blog or homepage
     - just be creative, think out of the box...

*   A new participant is someone who has not been to CSI before
** Refund will be given during CSI


Is it possible to control this?

Easily! When people register online they have to enter their Ambassador's name. Your job is only to let them know that you are their Ambassador. (Sign your e-mails as Ambassador, write it on a Facebook post, write your name on the flyers...)

How can you support me?

We support you with all necessary materials: posters, flyers, image video, a regularly updated website, and a facebook page.

I want to join the Ambassador team, what should I do?

First get in touch with us at and provide the following information:

- the name of your school or organization
- the number of posters and flyers do you need
- your mailing address so we can send the materials to you

We will get back to you soon!

Spread the slogan "Music and more",
thus become a Crescendo Ambassador!


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